Where are the aluminum foil tapes?

2015/10/26 23:21:02

Self-adhesive aluminum foil tape, used in refrigerators and air conditioning more, mainly closed and fixed role, the main use of the place:
Self-adhesive foil tape, in refrigerators and air conditioners with more than the main closed and fixed function, main place: 1. evaporator pipes, aluminum foil tape, avoid foaming material pipe wrap, the transfer effect of cooling capacity, can also avoid the foaming material corrosion of pipelines. 2. the internal pipe fixed, avoid foaming foam extrusion caused the pipeline deformation movement. So avoid paste air-cooled refrigerator clapboard gap, cause other problems. 3. fixed condenser, accelerate the heat transfer effect, most of the refrigerator is condenser with aluminum foil adhesive wear, because the aluminum heat transfer effect is better, to speed up the cooling effect of the condenser, pasted in the protective effect of the condenser after certain.