—— Business introduction ——

Shenzhen Ray-Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development and production of EMI/EMC, high-energy power battery materials, Insulate, Adhesive, Sponge & other raw-materials include the processing die-cutting of the national High-tech Enterprises, its various business groups from the research and development, plating, coating processing, such as one-stop production capacity.At present, the group includes plating factory, coating factory, base material production plant, processing and back-end sales company, the factory has advanced automated production lines, High-tech testing equipment and perfect strict quality assurance system. At this stage has more than 30 plating line, 4 coating wiring, 261 employees, quality personnel 32, is the domestic industry with the first vertical Industry chain Enterprises, formed a "independent research and development, independent production, global sales" pattern.Ray-M is located in Guangming New District, Shenzhen. Ray-M is a strong technical strength, professional research and development and production of diversified scientific and technological innovation enterprises, continue to uphold the constant innovation, research and development, establish a new technology platform, will be innovative products to the existing and future new market; Ray- M's mission is to drive the market with product strength, and constantly strive to become the most innovative enterprises, determined to become the world's associated industries strongly respected partners, to provide customers with shielding materials, high-energy power battery materials and advanced energy storage materials and related storage systems customer-design solutions.